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Care at Home

Wild Rose Caregivers offers an alternative to nursing homes and lodges by assisting individuals to stay at home as long as possible. In alignment with the Alberta Governments' "aging at home" philosophy, we are committed to assisting individuals to determine their own futures by customizing the care they are seeking to meet their needs. We are open to creative solutions to ensure the safety and quality of life for our individuals, including supporting technology, shared care etc. Our experience also tells us that special attention is required to ensure that the caregiver match is suitable for the individual. In those situations where language (mother tongue) is an issue, we are prepared to search for caregivers who can communicate with the individual in their native language.


Wild Rose Caregivers is keenly aware of the transitional nature of care at home and is prepared to transition through the varying degrees of support with the individual from minimal support to complete care. It is our goal to create flexible and supportive relationships with both the individual and their families as they move through this period of their lives together.



Companionship: Some individuals and their supporting families are simply seeking supports that involve socialization and communication that would be similar to a friendship rather than the actual provision of care. Wild Rose Caregivers is sensitive to the individual's perception of purchasing those types of services and can tailor the service package to include other supports that make the idea more palatable to the individual. Where more support is required, there is an investment of time and energy in the assessment process to ensure that our care plan outlines the goals of the individual's care and clearly identifies the individual's information and expectations. Ensuring that the caregiver is suitably matched to the individual's needs and requirements is ultimately the highest priority to us.

Housekeeping: Many individuals value their independence to the degree that they see these tasks as a measure of their independence. Wild Rose Caregivers respects that perspective and seeks to ensure that where possible, caregivers support the individuals in those tasks and work with them to complete the tasks, by supporting where required but including the individual as much as possible. A good example is in terms of laundry, where the individual may not be able to manage stairs to the washing and drying machines but are certainly able to determine how they want their clothes washed and can fold according to their own standards. Similarly, they have strong preferences in how their food is prepared, but may not be able to manage the more fine motor tasks, which can be supported by our caregivers. Where possible Wild Rose Caregivers seeks to provide support to the degree that the individual requires but encourages the individual to continue to participate as much and as long as they can. In this way the individual's autonomy can be supported while engaging in light exercise during a natural and comfortable activity. Families can be assured that all tasks are completed and that our primary goal is to provide a safe environment with an enhanced quality of life.

Personal Care: Wild Rose Caregivers offers certified health care aides to assist individuals with eating, medication, lifts, toileting and bathing. All of our health care aides work directly under our Regulated Nurses' clinical supervision. Health Care staff are professional, friendly and very compassionate. They are trained to understand the sensory complexities of the individual being served. The care plan is customized to the individual to ensure that all their needs are met to Alberta's Continuing Care standards.

Overnight Care: Our caregivers will work around the clock to ensure the individual's safety at night time. Many individuals can become disoriented and fearful at night. We are able to provide support by providing a calming presence, assisting with toileting and ensuring that the individuals needs are addressed to allow them to rest comfortably and feel secure.

Community Access: Individuals who live at home may require access to the community in terms of grocery shopping, medical appointments and recreation participation. Wild Rose Caregivers provides these types of support in accessing the community. This support varies for each individual depending on their physical circumstances and their requirements. There is a minimum time commitment of two hours.

Grocery shopping services can be provided to individuals who do not wish to leave their homes or do not have the capacity to shop for themselves.


Click for the Business Review of Wild Rose Caregivers Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta Accredited at the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS)