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Care in Facilities

Living in a long term care facility can be stressful for both individuals and their families. Many facilities have maximized their staff time and need to follow facility timelines in order to function effectively. There appears to be little time for interaction with the clients. Our team is willing to work with the facility, the families and the individuals to enhance their quality of life by providing companionship or community access or enhanced personal care. In some cases, individuals may have appointments or errands or simply wish to access community events.

Wild Rose Caregivers currently provides services to individuals living in the following facilities and is available to provide care in all facilities in the Edmonton area:


  • Edmonton General
  • St. Joseph's Auxiliary Hospital
  • Youville Home
  • Dickensfield Extended Care
  • Shepherd's Care
  • Good Samaritan Millwoods
  • Good Samaritan Zetter
  • Jubilee Lodge Nursing Home
  • Extendicare Eau Claires
  • Capital Care Kipness Centre
  • Capital Care Lynwood
  • Capital Care Norwood
  • Capital Care Adult Duplexes
  • Capital Care Dickensfield
  • Capital Care Grandview
  • Hardisty Nursing Home
  • Canterbury Court



Some of our most requested services for those living in a long term care setting include but are not limited to:

Companionship: Companion services include interaction with individuals in terms of visiting, reading together, playing games, participation in recreation department activities, walks, socialization, going for coffee or tea, mental stimulation. Comprehensive assessments determine information from families and case managers and staff that allow us to be selective in terms a caregiver that will be appropriately matched to the individual and fulfill the goals of the care plan.

Personal Care: Wild Rose Caregivers offers certified health care aides to assist individuals with eating, medication, lifts, toileting and bathing. All of our health care aides work directly under our Registered Nurses' clinical supervision. Health Care staff are professional, friendly and very compassionate. They are trained to understand the sensory complexities of the individual being served.

Community Access and Outings: A change of scenery is uplifting to everyone, even if it means a simple visit to the cafeteria or garden or a bit of fresh air. This service greatly benefits those within long term settings such as hospitals or nursing homes. Our caregivers provide safe accompaniment to social activities, appointments or places of interest. Some popular outings include shopping, walking though parks, galleries, museums etc. Some include swimming, swinging in the fresh air, having coffee, watching sports or attending community events.

When navigating the city becomes a challenge, Wild Rose Caregivers can help. Our friendly caregivers can accompany our individuals to medical appointments or other appointments that require travel with DATS, wheelchair taxis, etc.

Mealtime Assistance: Eating appropriate portions at meal time can significantly impact energy levels. Our caregivers can provide encouragement and assistance during meals to allow the individual the time required to consume their meals and a positive environment to enhance meal time. Wild Rose Caregivers works in conjunction with the facility to ensure that our caregivers have the required training specific to any swallowing issues.

Overnight Care: Our caregivers will work around the clock to ensure our individual's safety at night time. Many individual's in facilities become disoriented and fearful at night. We are able to provide support by providing a calming presence, assisting with toileting and ensuring that the individuals needs are addressed to allow them to rest comfortably.

Pet and Music Therapy: In our desire to explore the many ways that we can serve our various communities, we have determined that many of our caregivers possess talents or pets that provide individuals with a sense of profound joy and/or connection. The pets that have been used in this type of exposure to individuals are certified through a program to ensure that they are safe and healthy. This type of exposure of pets to individuals in long term facilities has proven to be successful in providing a positive experience for those who may not respond to regular communication.

Dementia Support: Wild Rose Caregivers has great empathy for seniors who are afflicted with dementia, and provides caregiver support within long term facilities to help address the stress and fear based behaviors that often accompany this condition.


Click for the Business Review of Wild Rose Caregivers Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta Accredited at the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS)