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Disability and Dementia Supports

For Wild Rose Caregivers providing support for Edmonton's dementia and developmentally delayed populations is more of a passion than a service. Much of the impetus for the creation of this company comes from a heartfelt desire to assist families in their mission to provide a positive quality of life for their family members.


We accept the challenge of communicating and supporting those individuals who may not be able to communicate their own needs and who may have complex cognitive or sensory issues that propel them into states of stress. It is our goal to be "stress detectives" in our efforts to support the individual in living the lives they choose in a safe and positive manner.



Companionship: Supporting these complex populations requires sensory training specific to the individual, which encompasses the acknowledgement of their particular puzzle of behavior and all the accompanying strategies for stress management and cognitive stimulation. All individuals receive an in depth assessment that allows for the creation of a care plan that addresses their particular goals. Caregivers are selected and trained specific to the needs of the individual.

Personal Care: Wild Rose Caregivers is committed to providing the same standard of care to these populations as is provided to all Albertans and therefore provides certified health care aides to assist individuals with eating, medication, lifts, toileting and bathing. All of our health care aides work directly under our Registered Nurses' clinical supervision. Health Care staff are professional, friendly and very compassionate. They are trained to understand the sensory complexities of the individual being served. The care plan is customized to the individual to ensure that all their needs are met to an Alberta Health Services standard.

Community Access: Community access can be challenging for both populations, whose stress levels can be triggered by external factors that may not be predictable. Wild Rose Caregivers is committed to providing community access according to the desires of the individual, with a sensitivity to potential stressors. Time and energy is expended in determining as much information regarding the individual as possible to maximize the potential for a positive community experience. Our caregivers support the individual's desire to participate in the community to the extent that they want to and are able to.


Click for the Business Review of Wild Rose Caregivers Ltd. in Edmonton, Alberta Accredited at the Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS)