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Respite Care

In Home Respite: Wild Rose Caregivers provides in home respite to families who are seeking a break from their own responsibilities of providing care. Our caregivers are selected according to the needs of the individual for whom care is being provided. Training for the care of each individual is specific. A complete review of the environment occurs at the assessment to ensure the care plan reflects all of the information required to produce a safe and positive experience for both the caregiver and the individual. In home respite can involve strategies for the individual to enhance their independent living skills and to allow the caregiver to support the execution of general housekeeping or personal care tasks. In home respite can also involve a degree of community access for the individual to allow time and space for the family within their own home.

Out of Home Respite: Wild Rose Caregivers provides out of home respite for families who wish to have a break without having the responsibility of the individual in the home. Care is provided in two capacities: Caregivers who provide care in their own home and caregivers who provide care in the Wild Rose Caregivers facilities. All facilities have been inspected and meet the local building and safety codes as per the Disability Services mandate. Facilities have been chosen or created to accommodate the sensory requirements of the individuals for whom the care is being provided. Caregivers have been selected according to the needs of the individuals and trained specific to the individual’s complexities. One of the goals of care for out of home respite is to ensure that the individual’s stressors are minimized so that strategies employed that appear successful can be replicated in their own homes. The ultimate goal is to provide a safe environment for the individual where they are comfortable and happy to stay until they return home. Close collaboration with the family is required in terms of creating a situation that is successful for both the individual and the family.

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